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PCHP’s mission is to provide AAAs/CBOs access to healthcare savings dollars generated by reducing hospital admissions and readmissions on the 5% of the US population designated as high-utilizers. This healthcare savings becomes available to AAAs/CBOs through PCHP’s single contracting entity for Managed Care Organizations to provide services to their members across multiple states and county borders.


GroundGame Health™’s mission is to prepare AAAs/CBOs to maximize their expertise with complex care clients in a competitive environment outside of traditional AAA/CBO services and standards and within their current organizational structure.



Who We Are

GroundGame Health™ is the provider network comprised of Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and Community-based Organizations (CBO) for Preferred Community Health Partners, LLC (PCHP). PCHP is a a Management Services Organization (MSO) that serves as a single contracting entity for Managed Care Organizations, allowing for services to be provided to MCOs across multiple states and county borders.
GroundGame Health™ represents a new vision for AAAs and CBOs to expand their revenue base, a financial opportunity to leverage current expertise with complex-care patients, a training and support infrastructure to ensure compliance and quality, and a proven approach to successful MCO contracting.
PCHP has a proven business model with six years of statewide contracting experience, a vetted technology support system that is HITRUST certified and meets national quality standards, and administrative staff with years of experience in the fields of aging, disabilities, community integrated healthcare, and program development and implementation. 
PCHP is the brainchild of Jim Vandagrifft, CEO Preferred Population Health Management, and Connie Benton Wolfe, CEO, Aging & In-Home Services of Northeast Indiana. They, and their respective organizations, have brought together the skills as tools as a single contracting entity for MCOs to provide services to their members. PCHP, LLC has expended from one signed contract in 2017 to a nationwide opportunity leveraging existing expertise into new revenue streams in 2020.

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